Bath’s Slave Economy in the 18th Century

The walk on Bath’s connections with Britain’s slave economy in the 18C will incorporate a summary history of Bath from the Roman to the Georgian period and will attempt to provide an understanding as to how Georgian Bath was constructed and funded, and of those persons behind the construction of the new Georgian city, and of their specific connections with the slave economy operating in Britain at that time.  The walk will also look at persons who were either slave traders or who owned plantations in the Americas and who lived or died in Bath, and also of abolitionists who were part of the complicated make-up of Georgian Bath in the 18C.  The walk will finally incorporate a summary history of Britain’s participation in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, to include the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833.

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The Bath’s slave economy in the 18C walk is conducted every last Saturday of the month from Saturday 28 May to Saturday 29 October 2022. The walk starts outside the West Door of Bath Abbey at 12noon. Duration of the walk 2.5hrs.

Those attending the walk must pre-book with Rob Collin, through the TXGB Payment Platform on his website, BY MIDNIGHT THE DAY BEFORE THE WALK. THERE IS A MAXIMUM OF 12 PERSONS (THIS LIMIT INCORPORATES A MAXIMUM OF 2 CHILDREN) ALLOWED ON THE WALK. The TXGB Payment Platform will not allow more than 12 persons to be booked for the walk.


PRIVATE GROUPS with a maximum of 12 persons are priced individually subject to requirements but start at £100 for family groups.

Please contact Rob Collin by phone or by the contact form on this website to find out more.

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