About Rob Collin

I am a twin and grew up near Bristol. I spent 3 years working in Hong Kong and then 27 years working in London. I qualified as a Blue Badge Guide for the South West in December 2014 and have an immense pride in the South West and its history. Having been born in Africa and having worked in the Far East, I have always loved travel and been fascinated by other cultures. Now based outside of Bristol, guiding has given me that continuing opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

As a Blue Badge Guide for the South West I guide specifically in Bristol and Bath and aim to bring alive Bristol and Bath for both locals and all visitors, so that all can understand and be fascinated by the history of both cities, in particular the period of the 18th Century, which was a hugely transformative period for both cities.

As a Blue Badge Guide I have a particular interest in the Slave Trade, a subject which for me was not taught in any detail at school, apart from its Abolition in 1807 and the Abolition of Slavery in 1833. Its history, its legacy and its relevance to the modern world is a continuing area of study for me.

Aside from guiding I have always loved sport, in particular rugby, hockey and cricket, and am a keen horse rider and skier.

If you would like to contact me or want to discuss the specific requirements of your group, please either phone me direct on my mobile or drop me a line via the Contact Page.


I qualified as a Blue Badge Guide for the South West in December 2014.  On qualifying I became a Member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding and use the qualification MITG after my name.

Professional Organisations

British Guild of Tourist Guides
Guild of Registered Tourist Guides Bristol and Bath
Cotswold and Gloucestershire Tourist Guides Association


On Sunday 26 July I was interviewed by Adam Crowther on BBC Radio Bristol about the Bristol Slave Trade walk, which I have conducted in Bristol since March 2019 on behalf of Liz Gamlin and Bristol and South West Tour Guides. Listen to the full interview here.